Today’s WTF moment involves a CNN reporter called Reza Aslan, a Indian cannibal community and a human brain. All these things culminated in the most shocking TV moment in history – where Aslan eats a human brain.

The filming was part of an episode for new series Believer with Reza Aslan, was shown on Sunday and provoked horror and dismay from many viewers and an angry backlash by Hindus in America.

Aslan decided to take a trip away to learn about the Aghori sect and understand their culture.

Shocked people tweeted there dismay, with @AsraNomani tweeting “Good thing Reza Aslan said nobody watches CNN. He’d be 1st to attack anyone who mocked Islam like he is doing with Hinduism. Not a

@aususa7 said “I admire Reza Aslan. It’s not easy being an Islamic bigot yet pretend to be a liberal and fool millions of people.”

Aslan, an Iranian born religious scholar spent time with the Aghori sect who invited him to be part of their ritual, which meant eating cooked brain tissue. He also had to drink an alcoholic drink from the human skull he had eaten the brain from.

aghori sect

At one point he fell out with the Aghori guru who shouted: ‘I will cut your head off if you keep talking so much.’

The guru began eating his own faeces and then hurled it at Aslan.

Aslan quipped: ‘I feel like this may have been a mistake.’

Well i wouldn’t just put it down simply as a mistake, i think it is probably the biggest error of judgement in your whole entire life – i don’t think i’ve ever had a day where i’ve eaten brain, drank a drink from a human skull and then had shit thrown at me in return.

Let’s hope Aslan doesn’t do any dodgy trips away again and maybe just stick to Thomas Cook to book his travels away.



Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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