Last night saw favourite Scarlett Moffatt crowned queen of the jungle on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and now she is set to earn a substantial amount from Tv deals and endorsements.

The 26-year-old was widely tipped to be Queen from the very start and she cemented her place as favourite by getting properly stuck in to the challenges, including a dinner date with Carol Vorderman which included cow anus, turkey testicles and camel nipple.

It is reported that she will earn a cool £1 million in her first year and could potentially rake in more, however her parents have confirmed she will not be returning to Gogglebox… Shock revelation!!

Her parents insist the money and fame won’t change her. Last night Scarlett’s mum Betty said: “She’s very grounded and I hope she’ll always stay like that. She just watches TV. She’s a normal girl.”


She went on to say that Scarlett won’t be making a return to Gogglebox and will instead focus on her own career. She said: “If we don’t go back, we don’t. That’s up to Channel 4. It’s opened a lot of doors for Scarlett and has enabled her to achieve some of her dreams. There’s no negative.

“The thing I’ve enjoyed most is getting to spend time with her every week. She’s not a celebrity – she’s just our Scarlett.”

Well we say well done Scarlett and now you will have enough coinage to get your mam and dad that caravan you promised them!


Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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