Kanye West has been hospitalised following a disturbance call in the afternoon on Monday and has been diagnosed with suffering a ‘psychotic breakdown’.

The rapper was under ‘psychiatric evaluation’ at UCLA Medical Center in L.A late Monday and the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour was cancelled as friends say the star is ‘spiraling out of control’.

Earlier today, Kanye’s concert promoter, Live Nation, had announced he was axing the remaining 22 gigs on his national tour without giving a reason.


This comes after the rapper has been under intense pressure following the extension of the tour as well as an incoherent rant at  Jay z, Beyonce and Mark Zuckerberg during one of his concerts where he walked off stage after 30 minutes.

He said he was ‘hurt’ because he heard Beyoncé refused to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards unless she won Video of the Year over him.

He also urged her husband Jay Z to call him and ‘talk to me like a man’.

In a clip posted to social media the Famous hitmaker was heard telling the audience: ‘Beyonce I was hurt because I heard you said you wouldn’t perform unless you won video of the year over me and over Hotline Bling.

‘In my opinion – now don’t go dissing Beyoncé, she’s great. Taylor Swift is great. We are all great people. But sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forget who we are – just to win.

‘F**k winning, f**k looking cool, f**k being cool. At the risk of my own success. I’ll give ya’ll the truth.’

‘Jay Z, I know you got killas. Please don’t send them at my head. Just call me—talk to me like I man,’ he said.


There has also been rumours that him and Kim have been having problems after she expected him to cancel the tour and help her recuperate after the Paris robbery.

‘Kim is fed up,’ a close friend tells. ‘They’ve been bickering constantly – she didn’t want Kanye to do the tour in the first place. She wanted him by her side as she recovered from her traumatic robbery in Paris.

I personally hope that Kanye recovers from this, as mental health is no joke and its clear that Kanye has had a lot to deal with over the last few years… #PrayForKanye


Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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