Today was a great day, why? It’s always a great day when you get asked to attend a food festival packed with good food and cool vibes and today was that for me, i attended the Taste For London Festival at Tabacco Dock.

The story goes; My good friend Jules is a food vlogger and was invited by Taste to cover the event, being the very good friend he is, he invited me as his plus one to help out covering it. Fine by me as i had the day off from my usual filming sketch shows for Discovery Channel so i was much obliged to tag along and munch until my heart was content, and content it was.

Jules is well in with most of the restaurants in London, he spends a lot of his time juggling his nine to five as an editor at Discovery, his wife and two kids and vlogging across London at such establishments like Hawksmoore, Duck & Waffle and Kurobuta to name a few.

Now back to Taste, held at the cool venue Tabacco Dock (i’d been there previously covering an event for Discovery Channel about the Future) i was pleasantly surprised how they laid out the venue, the upstairs thriving with a mixture of different foods, from your street eats to your pop up bars, if you fancy a little swig of something and downstairs where all the entertainment was happening – the live bands mixed with more drinking and live shows from the chefs. To cover everything we had to be quick moving through the venue camera in one hand, phone in the other trying to capture as much as we could (so we can instagram story) it was buzzing!

In between getting the shots we pigged out on duck burgers (never had a duck in a bun before so was a new experience), tikka masala from Darbar and more burgers (this time with beef… either was good with me). i was in absolute heaven if i’m honest, it was like a fine dining to the highest but in takeaway form, i didn’t mind paying the fiver for each burger (although most of my food was covered as it was a working event) as the taste was so worth it and they packed in a lot.

Now when i say packed in a lot i’m talking in between the buns, you get a few slabs of meat, lots of lettuce, tomatoes, chutney and homemade sauce. The Tikka Masala was good portions too with a bit of mint sauce on the side which complimented the chicken… it was my favourite as i’m generally partial to a good old fashioned ruby but the taste was just so over indulging – i wanted two portions! Here’s my quick pic from earlier


We stayed at the event for about 5 hours covering the whole event and over indulging in more burgers and free drinks… which means this evening will be spent at the gym  working most of it off, if you’re about tomorrow or Sunday and can get tickets i would defintely recommend it, great little afternoon out with friends or the partner. Til next time guys.



Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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