A number of years ago I decided to stop listening to any Michael Jackson music, why? Well as time went on more and more stories have surfaced about how he was sexually abusing young girls and boys.

I’ve been the biggest MJ fan since I was a kid, often repeating his albums, watching his music videos, films, tours, trying my best to perfect the moonwalk etc… so I constantly ignored the claims about his peadophillia as chancers trying to earn off the late king of pop. In light of the Jimmy Saville cases it got me thinking and I began listening and I tell you it’s worth listening too.

First of all we know Michael was ill there is no denying that, the botched surgeries, the abusing of prescription drugs and the erratic behaviour would have got any normal Joe sent to the loony bin. Then there’s his childhood, a star from an early age – missing out on the normal things a child does and a abusive father who subjected him to such torture that he often spoke out how much he resented his father. That with being the most famous person on the planet is the type of pressure that could make anyone crack.

So it brings us to today, a new Michael Jackson accuser has come forward to claim she was abused by the singer when she was just 12 years old – and then paid $900,000 to keep quiet.
The woman, who has filed the lawsuit as a ‘Jane Doe’, has revealed a collection of creepy notes she claims the singer sent her after he ‘sexually abused’ her.

In the correspondence, written in scrawling, childlike handwriting, Jackson allegedly tells her that he loves her and is ‘crazy’ about her. Each one is signed off as either Michael or ‘MJ

‘Your Valentine’s picture was so original and sweet,’ one note to the young girl reads. ‘I love you sooo much also you’re making me love you even more, the more I talk to you. I’m crazy about you. All my love Michael, the Monopoly King.’

It’s sad but I think we need to finally admit that the ‘king of pop’ had fatal flaws and as much as being a genius doesn’t stop that he was also a monster.


Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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