The famous feud between Mark Wright and Danny Dyer has always been fiery but it’s just about to get a bit hotter as Danny Dyer’s mate James Buckley (Jay from Inbetweeners) has weighed in with his opinion on Mark Wright, dubbing him the ‘cockney Kermit the frog’.

Bit harsh on the poor bloke as he has never met him before however i do see some similarities, the cheeky frog like smile, the green glare in his eyes and the showbiz wife that’s left so many men jealous.


The odd diss came about when James was asked about Mark’s potential as an actor, James sceptically answered this

“There are people in reality shows that you know have aspirations to be an actor or singer and they see it as a quicker route.”

“Then someone takes them out of their comfort zone and, well, look at Mark Wright, I’m sure he’s nice but he’s like a Cockney Kermit the Frog.”

This also comes about as James is a good friend of Danny’s as he was a guest at his wedding.


Well now we’re just waiting on Arg to come in with his size nines and then for them to appear in celebrity death match…


Written by Dan Lazard

Here to expose the weirdness on the internet. Presenter for Discovery Science & Trending News Blogger. My views are my own. Check out the blog on FomoDan

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